How To Stop Water From Leaking In Your Air Conditioner

First of all, do not fret when you see water dripping from your air conditioner because air conditioners are wired to cool air by condensation. Hence the water may come from the condensed air, which also indicates that the A/C is doing its work properly. This means that at some point (when the air is cooled enough), the condensation process is supposed to reduce or stop. Hence, you should start to worry about your a/c if the dripping continues for a long period of time, say for more than one day. It could be an indication of a deeper problem in the air conditioner. Here is how you can deal with the issue

Check The Air Filter

The purpose of the air filter is to clear dirt from the air before the air enters into the a/c. A dirty or a clogged filter, however, can no longer do that. Its malfunction causes the cold evaporator coils of the a/c to freeze and allow the formation of ice. When the ice melts, water starts to drip. The solution is to find the filter and inspect it for dirt. If it is too jammed, replace it. In fact, filters are meant to be used for one to two months before they are replaced.

Check The Overflow Pan

After the A/C has sucked heat and humidity from the air, the warm air is passed through cold evaporator coils for cooling and condensation. The condensed water then flows to a drain pan before it passes through a condensate drain line and finally to a pipe outside your house. Hence if the overflow pan or drain pan fails to catch the condensed water, the water will have no choice but to seek other routes. And that is why you may see it dripping from your a/c unit. To fix the problem, find the overflow pan first and inspect it for damage. You can easily see the pan with the help of a flashlight it is located underneath the coils. If you are seeing cracks or holes in the pan, patch them up with epoxy glue or consider replacing the entire pan.

If the problem is not the filter or the overflow pan, there is only one part remaining that can cause the leak: the condensate drain pipe. This is the pipe that leads the water out of the pan and out of the a/c. If it clogged, it will force water back to the pan after which the water will have no choice but to drip on the floor. Try to bleach the line to remove the clog.