5 Common Reasons Your Heat Pump Produces Unpleasant Smells

Heat pumps provide a great way to keep your home warm without consuming too much energy. However, you may start to notice that your heat pump is creating unpleasant smells. These can be easy to ignore at first, but they hint at underlying issues that should be addressed before they can create further damage. Here are just five common reasons your heat pump is producing unpleasant smells. 1. Clogged Air Filter

How to Make a New Ducted Aircon Installation Go Smoothly

While your aircon company takes care of all your installation needs on the day you put your new system in, you can take some steps in advance to help the process along. A little preparation on your part ensures that your contractor can complete the job efficiently and quickly. What should you do before your new ducted air conditioning system is installed?   Plan Your Layout If you're replacing an old ducted system with a new one, then you might simply put new indoor and outdoor units, ducts and grilles in the same places.

Should You Choose Rigid Or Flexible Ductwork For Your New HVAC Installation?

If you want to get an air conditioning replaced or installed in a home that has previously been without, you'll be thinking about the type of AC system and materials involved. If you choose to get a new ducted system, you'll want to focus on the ducts themselves and figure out whether you will install rigid or flexible solutions. What is the difference, and what's best in your situation? How Ducting Works

A Simple Guide to Maintaining Your Air conditioning System

The air conditioning system is an essential product of your home. For better performance, the facility must be well installed and maintained. When dealing with a qualified HVAC technician in maintenance, there are essential components that must be checked to maintain its function. Here is a quick checklist to consider when maintaining your home air conditioning system.  Thermostat Settings Air conditioning systems have a manual guide on how the thermostat installation should be done.