3 Reasons Why You Need to Beat the Heat in Your Nightclub This Summer

If you own or manage a nightclub, you need to beware of the summer. While the happy, sunny atmosphere tends to attract clubgoers looking for a good time, the high temperatures can have negative effects on your patrons. Heat can make drinking alcohol, dancing, and even interacting with others more dangerous. If you don't want legal issues or a damaged reputation on your hands, keep in mind these 3 reasons why you shouldn't let your establishment get too hot.

Heat & Alcohol

While the idea of summer may go hand in hand with visions of drinking an ice cold beer, getting drunk in hot weather can be dangerous. Alcohol is a diuretic; this means that drinking alcoholic beverages increases the need to urinate. Experts say that drinking just 4 shots could result in the loss of almost 1 quart of urine. Loss of fluids leads to dehydration, which can be a problem at any time of year. However, this dehydration even more dangerous in the summer because people lose additional fluids when they sweat. Unfortunately the cycle can become even worse when clubgoers seek to quench their thirst by consuming more alcoholic drinks. Dehydration can lead to a whole host of issues that no nightclub owner wants on their hands, including fainting and even death.

Heat & Dancing

Dancing in extreme heat can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Like drinking alcohol, any form of overexertion can also lead to dehydration. On top of that, intense and prolonged dancing can also cause heatstroke. Any type of physical movement increases body temperature, which can have dangerous effects on the body's ability to regulate its coolness in combination with summer heat. Heatstroke is a potentially fatal condition, and it only takes one instance to tarnish your club's name and leave you susceptible to lawsuits. 

Heat & Behaviour

One of the downsides of alcohol is its effect on the human mind. Many people find that alcohol reduces their inhibitions and judgement and lowers their tolerance for other people's behaviour. This is why bar fights are so common; drunk people don't usually hesitate to get into an altercation, whether verbal or physical. Studies have shown that another factor which influences aggression and violent behaviour is heat. Combined with alcohol, hot weather can increase the risk of fighting, abuse, and vandalism at your club, all of which can cause further problems.

While you can't turn off the summer sun, you can avoid the above problems by reducing the heat in your venue. Consider getting a new cooling system installed, whether that's underfloor cooling, air conditioning, or a combination of both. Keeping the temperature low makes for a better club vibe and reduces your risk of running into trouble.