Is Your AC Signalling That It Needs Air Conditioning Services?

When your air conditioning system is brand-new, it can be easy to overlook the importance of professional servicing. When these systems are straight out of the shop, they are likely to run at optimal levels for a substantial amount of time. While it is seemingly functional, you will assume that air conditioning service will simply be a waste of money and that you will only seek professional services when a problem crops up. That is when the vicious cycle of only servicing your unit when it is in disrepair. The reality is that servicing is essential to keep your AC up and running since what might seem to be a minor issue can quickly jeopardise the functioning of the entire system. This piece tabulates signs indicating that it is time to hire an air conditioning service company.

Limited air circulation

When your air conditioning is on, you should be able to feel the hot or cool air wherever you are in the room. If your residence is not zoned, then the temperature should be the same in every room. The moment you begin to notice that there are parts of the room that have different temperatures than what you have set on your thermostat, do not merely adjust the settings! Increasing or decreasing the temperature will not fix the problem. Instead, it will only aggravate the problem by making your AC work harder than it has to. The best course of action is to seek air conditioning services since the temperature disparity could be caused by blockages in the ductwork, obstructions in the filters or a declining compressor.

Bizarre sounds and smells

Air conditioning systems by no means are silent. While most of them will operate with a minimally audible hum, the older your AC gets, the louder it will become. Nonetheless, as the owner of the unit, you will be familiar with how your air conditioning system normally sounds. Thus, when you start to hear bizarre noises, it is imperative to turn it off. Any unusual noises need to be investigated by an HVAC technician because the sounds could mean different things. For instance, grinding typically is indicative of components rubbing against each other. Keeping your AC on with these weird noises can result in extensive damage to the internal components of the unit and you will end up having to replace it. Another unusual thing that should prompt you to hire air conditioning services is a foul odour. Foul odours could mean burning wires in the unit or that mould is growing inside the AC and your ductwork.