Preparation Tips to Consider Before Installing Your Air Conditioner

Have you realised that your old air conditioning system isn't meeting your needs and you'd like to replace it? Buying a new air conditioner will ensure that your family is comfortable and decrease your energy expenses. But, there are several preparation guidelines you need to consider to ensure the air conditioning installation process is flawless. The following hints are an excellent place to start.

Know your cooling and heating requirements

One of the first things you need to do before acquiring an air conditioner is to determine your cooling and heating loads. Ask an air conditioning contractor to do the calculation on your behalf. Some of the things they will consider to determine the load include the house structure, type of windows and doors, climatic conditions experienced in your area, state of the roofing, the size of the house, and so on. Once the survey is complete, you should ask the expert to explain everything. This way, both you and the expert will discuss to decide the kind of air conditioner that'll be ideal for your home.

Fix the ductwork

If you do not intend to install new ductwork for the air conditioning system, you should consider fixing it before the AC is installed. Integrating the new AC into the existing ductwork will be alright provided issues like dirt and damage are fixed. Asking an expert to examine the ductwork and clean it thoroughly will promote the efficiency of the new air conditioner. This way, you will ensure that the new air conditioner doesn't spread dirt and dust throughout the house, hence affecting the quality of air. If the survey reveals that the ducts are in poor condition, then you will need to invest in new ductwork.

Ensure the installers have enough room

Your AC installation expert will need to bring installation equipment and a team to ensure the work is done quickly and efficiently. As such, they will need to ensure the professionals have enough room. Consider decluttering the work area to remove anything that could prevent the contractor from doing their job easily. For instance, you can remove the appliances, furniture, toys and so on. The outdoor area should also be clear of leaf piles, garden hoses and rakes. Most contractors don't mind clearing the work area on their own, but this will stall the project. Your children and pets shouldn't also be allowed to go near the installation crew since this will cause disruptions or lead to accidents.

For more information, contact an air conditioning service in your area.