Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning in a House

If you're installing new air conditioning in your home, you may be wondering whether to connect a split system or ducted air conditioning. Consider the following benefits of a ducted aircon system installation.

Cools Entire Home

Ducted air conditioning features vents in all rooms that blow out cool air so the entire house will be comfortable. Additionally, even though a ducted system can cool everywhere, you can fit a zoned system that allows you to select which regions to turn on and off. Thus, you have ultimate control. Conversely, if you install one or several split systems, only specific parts of the house will benefit, and the temperature throughout the home will be patchy. 

Minimal Appearance

The only evidence of the cooling is the vents blending unobtrusively within the room with a ducted system. So, the air conditioning won't ruin the decor with bulky indoor units fitted high on the wall that tower over the space. If you select a ducted system, you can design the space however you please without working around the cooling components. The only thing you'll need to be concerned with is not placing furniture on top of the vents.

Customised Systems

You may wonder if your house is too big or too small for a ducted system. However, the benefit of this air conditioning is you can customise the setup to your home. Your aircon system installation contractor can recommend the best placement and number of vents, which may be fitted to the floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on the building architecture.

Your installer can also suggest a suitable capacity and the zone arrangement. Factors that affect the air conditioner size or capacity include the house's overall floor area — a larger floor area will need a more powerful unit. Additionally, buildings with high ceilings will require more cooling than those with low ceilings. You also should account for the windows, as these openings provide a gateway for outdoor heat to filter inside, which the air conditioning subsequently needs to combat.

Thus, ducted systems offer various benefits. They allow you to cool the entire home, and you won't have to suffer hot patches in some rooms. You can customise the system to suit your home, choosing the most appropriate capacity and vent number and placement. Additionally, you won't have to tolerate bulky air conditioner units that protrude from the wall and spoil the room design. Instead, the vents will be minimal and unobtrusive.