A Simple Guide to Maintaining Your Air conditioning System

The air conditioning system is an essential product of your home. For better performance, the facility must be well installed and maintained. When dealing with a qualified HVAC technician in maintenance, there are essential components that must be checked to maintain its function. Here is a quick checklist to consider when maintaining your home air conditioning system. 

Thermostat Settings

Air conditioning systems have a manual guide on how the thermostat installation should be done. During installation, walk through the guide with your HVAC technician to ensure that it is done correctly. Basically, your thermostat installation should be done away from all heat sources in your home. These include light bulbs, solar rays and any heat-producing appliances. 

Ensure All Electrical Connections are Tight

Your air conditioning system cannot function when electrical connections are loose and disjointed. In addition, loose connections pose a risk to your safety and that of your family. During maintenance, check for any loose connections and tighten them. This increases the lifespan of your air conditioning system. 

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Make a trend of lubricating the moving parts of your air conditioning system. Lubrication reduces physical aggression and unnecessary damage to moving parts due to friction. In addition, without lubrication, such parts require frequent repair and replacements, which, in turn, affect the quality of your air conditioning system. 

Ensure Clearance of Condensate Drain Line 

Checking the condensate drain line of your air conditioning system ensures that it is clean and clear. However, if your drain line becomes clogged, it can cause water leaks, wetness and moisture problems. Therefore, reach out to your HVAC technician to constantly check and clear your condensate to avoid bacteria, water and mould. 

A cracked condensate drain line can also lead to leaks. Your HVAC technician should also be able to repair such cracks or replace them if necessary. 

Check the System Controls

System controls play an important role in your air conditioning system. Basically, they ensure safe operation and proper cycling of the equipment. Therefore, check if the system is starting well, operating efficiently and shutting down properly.

Check the Air Filter

Your air conditioning system needs a clean air filter to function maximally. Therefore, inspect, clean and change the air filter when necessary. You may consult your HVAC technician on the best air filters or filtration systems to be used. 

Additional factors to consider for safe and efficient operation include checking exposed wiring, fan blade, condenser coil and service valves. 

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