How to Make a New Ducted Aircon Installation Go Smoothly

While your aircon company takes care of all your installation needs on the day you put your new system in, you can take some steps in advance to help the process along. A little preparation on your part ensures that your contractor can complete the job efficiently and quickly.

What should you do before your new ducted air conditioning system is installed?  

Plan Your Layout

If you're replacing an old ducted system with a new one, then you might simply put new indoor and outdoor units, ducts and grilles in the same places. However, if you're installing a ducted system for the first time, you should think about the overall layout of the system.

If your contractor knows where everything will go before they start installing your system, then they can work fast. You're also less likely to run into problems if you, and they, have planned out the system in advance.

So, think about where your outdoor unit will go. While this unit should be as close to your switchboard as possible, you also need to think about the noise it will make.

Outdoor units do make noise while they work. So, you don't necessarily want one to sit too close to your living areas or bedrooms. Remember to think about your neighbours here as well. You don't want your unit to disturb them either.

You should also think about where your indoor unit will go. If you'll put it in your attic or roof space, then you need to connect the dots with your ducts and grilles. Your system should work as efficiently as possible while allowing you to put grilles in the right places in your rooms.

Decide Where to Put Your Controller

While you might not think that the location of your aircon controller is that important, you should think about the most convenient place to put it that gives you easy access.

People often put these controllers in living areas or halls. However, you should check with your contractor before you make a final decision. If you need to run cabling through your walls to set up the controller, then you might have some limits on where it can go.

Clear Work Areas

While your aircon installation company will take care to cover furniture and floors while they work, your installation might still kick up some dust. You might want to cover furniture, such as tables and chairs, yourself to reduce your clean-up work after the job.

It's also worth moving valuable, fragile or sentimental items from rooms during the job. Accidents can happen, so it makes sense to box up these items and put them somewhere safe during your installation.

For more advice, contact your aircon installation contractor.