3 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Refrigerant Level Is Low

Without enough refrigerant liquid in its system, your air conditioner cannot cool the rooms in your home effectively –– leaving you hot and sweaty in the sweltering summer heat. Running your air conditioner on low refrigerant for too long could majorly damage the internal components, so you'll naturally want to get it refilled as soon as possible by an air conditioning repairs company. This guide offers you signs to identify when your refrigerant level is low and needs refilling.

Pros and Cons of Forced Air Heating Systems

When you want to provide your home with efficient heating, there are many options to choose from. A popular option is to have a forced air heating system installed. This provides heat through ducts that are installed in your home, which force hot air through the vents and into each room. Here are some pros and cons of forced air heating systems so you can decide if this is a good option for you.

When is a Ducted Air Conditioner a Better Choice Than a Ductless System?

When choosing a new air conditioner, you might be thinking of a ducted system, also sometimes called central air and which is hooked up to all the ductwork in your home, versus a ductless model. The ductless model is vented directly out a hole in your outside wall and the air is not connected to a home's ductwork but blows out the front panel or face of the system. While a ductless system is often cheaper to purchase and have installed, note when the central air or ducted system may be a better option for your home.

How To Stop Water From Leaking In Your Air Conditioner

First of all, do not fret when you see water dripping from your air conditioner because air conditioners are wired to cool air by condensation. Hence the water may come from the condensed air, which also indicates that the A/C is doing its work properly. This means that at some point (when the air is cooled enough), the condensation process is supposed to reduce or stop. Hence, you should start to worry about your a/c if the dripping continues for a long period of time, say for more than one day.

Top DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Your home's air conditioner will work best if it is maintained as frequently as needed. You will save a lot of cash in terms of reduced energy bills and cost of repairs while staying in a comfortable indoor environment all through the year. More importantly, by performing routine inspections of your air conditioner, you will extend its lifespan. Considering these benefits, here are some easy-to-follow DIY maintenance tips for your home's air conditioner: